Assert your maturity through a fulfilling sex life: some tips

In any couple’s life, the question of sexuality must be discussed between partners. Both partners will show their maturity when they know the real boundaries between having sexual intercourse and a fulfilling sex life. Thus, having a sex life is about learning to discipline your body. This article gives you some tips.

Getting to know your body well

There is no doubt that every man is unique in his own way. And this uniqueness extends to the realm of sexuality. One man’s fantasies and erogenous points, differ from another’s. Therefore, to have a fulfilling sex life, self-knowledge is essential.
If you have a good grasp of what gives you the best possible pleasure, you are on the right track. But if you still can’t do it, don’t worry. You can simply find your sensitive areas. To do this, imagine yourself alone with your partner.
Imagine a few moments of caressing and the effects you can feel. You will have the chance to discover in this reverie, that there are essential parts of your body that you trivialise. And the times to come, you will know how to direct sexual activities.

Prepare for any sexual intercourse

In principle, sex should bring pleasure to both partners. But it can happen, and very often does, that one partner is more excited than the other: this is not a crime. Your maturity will be seen in the extent to which you learn to listen to your partner’s body.
Listening to it also means convincing it tenderly to your cause. In fact, as a good and mature adult, do not rush things. Take your time to do the preliminaries well: caresses, kisses, cuddles, eye contact, etc. At this level, let yourself be excited.
These preliminaries are not to be neglected. They help you to activate the desire to give yourself to your partner for love. It is also a very important step for women: it promotes strong lubrication. In this way, you maintain a fulfilling and respectful sex life.